Dark Infection

Udo Wiessmann \\ (HANDS, Winterkälte)

DJ. Founder and musician of WINTERKÄLTE and ATRUM. Founder and head of the label HANDS.
His kicking DJ sets offer pure energy from the wide ranging rhythm’n’noise to dark-tec universe, mashed up with Industrial Music, EBM and more.


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FB: Winterkälte

Hands Productions

Victoria Fenbane \\ (Exit The Grey)

Victoria has been DJing since 1999. She specialises in synthpop, EBM, goth and industrial.

Promoting musical artists is her passion, and motivation behind promoting DJ nights and live shows.

Past DJ residencies prior to Exit the Grey been Nightmare (Nottingham) and Slimelight (London). She founded the London DJ nights Departure and Schattenspiel. Departure of the precuror to Exit the Grey, while 'Schattenspiel' is a folk/mittlealter/metal/gothic night is currently on hiatus.


Exit The Grey

FB: Victoria Fenbane

FB: Exit The Grey

Sordid \\ (Dark Infection)

DJ SORDID started out in the 90's spinning House and Techno music primarily on Vinyl. After a journey through various genres and a longer break from DJing, he returned in 2017 as part of the DARK INFECTION team to offer a new party to Munich's dark scene, promoting the underrepresented industrial music genre.


DJ Sordid

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Mephisto \\ (Dark Infection)

Amok, Waldwerk, DMF, WGT, Black Church and many more. He had his own events at Eddys, Optimolwerke munich.